Maker Projects

These are my fun projects, the quick builds, hacks, and weekend explorations.

Sometimes they’re great, sometimes they turn into traveling pieces, and other times they are disassembled and used in the next project.


Plush synthesizers

A combination of sewing and electronics, these singing octopuses* are a fun demo to bring to local maker events.

2016-10-05 00.34.33.jpg

Circuit Stickers

These stickers of common electrical components are printable on standard label sheets and help students make clear, easy-to-understand diagrams that combine schematics and the parts they actually see.


3D Printed Programmable Yo-Yo

This yo-yo features the Adafruit Circuit Playground. I designed a snap-fit 3D printable enclosure that takes two boards and transforms them into a programmable yo-yo that can be programmed to respond to acceleration, light, or sound.